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Point to the left or to the right? Which ever wa silvery you point it will surely ca silvertch someone's a silverttention. This ring is ma silverde with bra silverss, ha silvernd cut, filed, sa silvernded down with a silver ma silvertte finish a silvernd pla silverced on a silver sterling silver ba silvernd. The design is minima silverl a silvernd cute a silvernd will go well with a silverny outfit! This is a silver size 7.5 a silvernd is rea silverdy to ship. If you need a silver different size, plea silverse send me a silver messa silverge on the comment section during check out with your ring size. Plea silverse a silverllow 2-4 da silverys for custom orders. If you ha silverve a silverny other questions plea silverse send me a silver convo. All my jewelry a silvernd components a silverre designed a silvernd ha silverndma silverde with love by me. \u2665Click here to view more of my rings: http://www./shop/bunnyconedesigns?section_id=6095941Tha silvernks for looking!

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