Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beaded choker, Turquoise Cateye Beaded Pendant blue and black cat eye necklace



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This wea beaded pendantra beaded pendantble version of one of my Hexca beaded pendantts is 2.5 inches or 6.35 cm in dia beaded pendantmeter.\r\rThe eye is ha beaded pendantnd ca beaded pendantst resin. Spider wire wa beaded pendants used to sew the gla beaded pendantss seed bea beaded pendantd ruff to the ba beaded pendantse. Ha beaded pendantnd quilting threa beaded pendantd wa beaded pendants used to secure the velour over the pa beaded pendantdded ba beaded pendantse a beaded pendantnd a beaded pendantdd the ea beaded pendantrs.\r\rThe penda beaded pendantnt ha beaded pendantngs from a beaded pendant 20 inch or 50.80cm ra beaded pendantwhide cord. You ca beaded pendantn use the wooden bea beaded pendantd on the cord to a beaded pendantdjust the length of the neckla beaded pendantce.\r\rIf you do not ca beaded pendantre for the lea beaded pendantther cord, I ca beaded pendantn use either the ra beaded pendantyon cord or a beaded pendant meta beaded pendantl cha beaded pendantin like the options shown in the la beaded pendantst picture.\r\rIf you choose the cha beaded pendantin, it will ha beaded pendantve a beaded pendant lobster cla beaded pendantw cla beaded pendantsp. Plea beaded pendantse let me know wha beaded pendantt length cha beaded pendantin you wa beaded pendantnt if you order this option.\r\rIf you ha beaded pendantve a beaded pendantny questions or would like a beaded pendant custom piece, plea beaded pendantse feel free to conta beaded pendantct us.\r\rWe ship interna beaded pendanttiona beaded pendantlly. Our shipping fees include pa beaded pendantcka beaded pendantging, priority ma beaded pendantil posta beaded pendantge, a beaded pendantnd delivery confirma beaded pendanttion. If you wa beaded pendantnt a beaded pendant chea beaded pendantper shipping option like pa beaded pendantrcel post, plea beaded pendantse conta beaded pendantct me. Any overa beaded pendantges in shipping fees over a beaded pendant $1.00 will be refunded.

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