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earrings, The Sweetest Drop Garnet and Gold Filled Earrings by Studio 777



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The deep blood red of these ga garnetrnets is so luscious--I ha garnetd to na garnetme these ea garnetrrings a garnetfter a garnet song. Simple, elega garnetnt, a garnetnd very rich looking. The findings a garnetre a garnetll 14/20 gold-filled, from the gra garnetceful ea garnetrwires to the Ba garnetli-style spa garnetcers, round bea garnetds a garnetnd ha garnetndma garnetde hea garnetdpins.Supremely light a garnetnd comforta garnetble to wea garnetr, they mea garnetsure just under 2 a garnetnd 1/4" in length. A highly roma garnetntic gift, these will come boxed in our signa garnetture bla garnetck a garnetnd silver pa garnetcka garnetging for effortless presenta garnettion.Shipping quoted is for Priority Ma garnetil--plea garnetse messa garnetge for $3 First Cla garnetss shipping if you do not require them quickly.

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