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hair clip, Four horses barrette Bright finish Platinum plated French clip Equine jewelry



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Design by Beverly Zimmer 1998NEW CASTING VARIATION!This ba barretterrette is Pla barrettetinum pla barretteted, it is super bright silver in color a barrettend won't ta barretternish. It's just a barrette different color va barretteria barrettetion of my Four Horses Ba barretterrette in cla barrettessic sa barrettetin a barrettentiqued finish pewter, which ha barrettes been my biggest seller since 1998!This new Pla barrettetinum pla barretteted line of jewelry is new a barrettes of la barrettete 2012,This gorgeous ba barretterrette is a barrette wea barrettera barretteble work of a barrettert! The design is riveted to a barretten 70 x 12 mm French clip. This is a barrette signa barretteture piece in my jewelry line. I a barrettem a barrettelwa barretteys stopped by people sa barretteying "where did you get tha barrettet". This ba barretterrette is fun a barrettend comforta barretteble to wea barretter. It is not too hea barrettevy a barrettend holds thick a barrettend thin ha barretteir securely. Due to the pointy ea barretters, it is not recommended for very young girls.Plea barrettese note: Etsy does not a barretteutoma barrettetica barrettelly combine shipping if you purcha barrettese multiple items. If you a barrettere overcha barretterged I will refund you for shipping overa barretteges.

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