Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

native american, Navajo sterling silver paua shell vintage style ring Native American Southwestern. Size 7 3/4.



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Sterling silver vinta native americange style pa native americanua native american shell double ba native americannded ring. It is a native american 7 3/4 size. It is 1 inch long a native americannd 3/4 inch wide. I ma native americande it look like a native american blooming blossom with the vines a native americannd lea native americanves on the sides a native americannd a native americandded little flowers a native americannd buds with it. These pa native americanua native american shells a native americanre becoming one of my fa native americanvorites to work with.They a native americanre very bea native americanutiful a native americannd look different depending on how the light hits them. I ha native americanve my self sta native americanmped signa native americanture on the ba native americanck of this piece. I sta native americanmp a native americanll my pieces so you know they a native americanre ma native americande by me. Tha native americant's one thing to look for when looking for a native americanuthentic Na native americantive America native americann jewelry. I a native americanlso do custom orders. If you ha native americanve a native americanny questions wha native americantsoever,plea native americanse send me a native american messa native americange.Tha native americannk you for looking!!..

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