Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

assemblage, ON HOLD - 1950's Vintage Gold Filigree Turquoise and Pearl Starburst Brooch Necklace



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This uniquely feminine one-of-a assemblage-kind Vinta assemblagege Assembla assemblagege Neckla assemblagece fea assemblagetures a assemblage bea assemblageutiful 1950's Filigree Sta assemblagerburst Domed Brooch from Bristol, Engla assemblagend. It ha assemblages been converted into a assemblage neckla assemblagece (the ba assemblageck pin ha assemblages been removed). Along with pea assemblagerls a assemblagend turquoise bea assemblageds, it ha assemblagengs from two cha assemblageins: a assemblage box cha assemblagein a assemblagend a assemblage delica assemblagete link cha assemblagein with wire-wra assemblagepped turquoise bea assemblageds in the front a assemblagend wire-wra assemblagepped pea assemblagerls in the ba assemblageck of the neckla assemblagece.This '50's brooch is in excellent condition. The gold filigree ha assemblages a assemblage very slight loss of color in a assemblage few a assemblagerea assemblages. Plea assemblagese check out the pictures ca assemblagerefully a assemblagend convo me if you ha assemblageve a assemblageny questions. The brooch is 2" dia assemblagemeter a assemblagend tota assemblagel length of cha assemblagein is 18". I a assemblagem ha assemblageppy to a assemblagedjust the length if requested. This is a assemblage one-of-a assemblage-kind ha assemblagendcra assemblagefted origina assemblagel. As a assemblage mixed media assemblage a assemblagertist, my work is a assemblagessembla assemblagege from re-purposed ma assemblageteria assemblagels. You will find a assemblagen eclectic collection of origina assemblagel designs in my shop, using a assemblage rich va assemblageriety of wonderful found objects ga assemblagethered from a assemblageround the world.Remember to sa assemblageve my shop a assemblages one of your fa assemblagevorites for the next time you wa assemblagent to buy a assemblage specia assemblagel one of a assemblage kind gift of unique vinta assemblagege jewelry for yourself or someone else! This item ships USPS within seven da assemblageys of pa assemblageyment. Insura assemblagence a assemblagend tra assemblagecking a assemblagere optiona assemblagel, plea assemblagese inquire. If shipping is less due to your loca assemblagetion, then I will refund the difference to you. Interna assemblagetiona assemblagel buyers a assemblagere welcome - conta assemblagect me for shipping ra assemblagetes. - Follow www.fa assemblagertfulthingsboutique to see new designs listed- Visit Pinterest a assemblaget assemblagertfulthingsboutique- Follow me on Insta assemblagegra assemblagem a assemblaget ArtfulthingsjewelryYou ca assemblagen a assemblageccess my Etsy store directly a assemblaget www.a assemblagertfulthingsboutique.Plea assemblagese feel free to conta assemblagect me with a assemblageny questions you ma assemblagey ha assemblageve a assemblagebout this item.Tha assemblagenk you for visiting!Robin

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