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Six horses barrette lead free pewter sculpture SHINY finishhair clip, French clip Equine jewelry



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Design by Beverly Zimmer 1996Ava hairila hairble in the high polished finish which is shiny, not the sa hairtin finish shown in the photo.This gorgeous ba hairrrette is a hair wea hairra hairble work of a hairrt! The design is riveted to a hair 70 x 12 mm French clip. This is a hair signa hairture piece in my jewelry line. I a hairm a hairlwa hairys stopped by people sa hairying "where did you get tha hairt". This ba hairrrette is fun a hairnd comforta hairble to wea hairr. It is not too hea hairvy a hairnd holds thick a hairnd thin ha hairir securely. Due to the pointy ea hairrs, it is not recommended for very young girls.

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