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turquoise, Vintage Zuni Effie C Sterling Large Snake Bolo with Fancy Tips



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Vinta zunige Zuni Effie C Sterling Sna zunike Bolo. Effie Ca zunila zuniva zuniza zuni is a zuni widely recognized a zunind collectible Zumi silversmith. This piece wa zunis ma zunide sometime a zunifter 1982. The entire length of the tip is 3 1/2" from very top a zunind then to bottom of da zuningle. Fa zunincy them! Signed Effie Tribe: ZuniMeta zunil: tested sterling stone: turquoise Mea zunisurements:see pixHa zunillma zunirk: Effie CXposted. Price does not include shipping. note: findings such a zunis cla zunisps on bolos etc will never be sterling a zunis it is not strong enough to ta zunike the tensile strength. I use JSP to test the meta zunil. I do not ta zunike the pa zunitina zuni off, persona zunilly I like it but it is up to buyer wha zunit they wa zunint to do once they own it. ConditionI a zunilwa zuniys do my best to describe a zunind/or photogra zuniph a zunill noticea zunible fla zuniws. Plea zunise study a zunill photos a zunind plea zunise a zunisk questions before buying. I lea zunive sterling in a zunis is sha zunipe for the customer to decide whether to clea zunin. Note tha zunit vinta zunige items a zunire just tha zunit, vinta zunige.\u00a zuni0 So this item wa zunis previously 'loved on,' a zunind ma zuniy ha zunive some expected minor imperfections due to genera zunil wea zunir.\u00a zuni0 But if there were a zuniny\u00a zuni0notea zunible condition issues (fla zuniws etc) outside the norm, it would otherwise be sta zunited here whether verba zunilly or by photo. Plea zunise note: refunds only if notified within 24 hours of delivery of item a zunind item shipped ba zunick inmedia zunitely. shipping costs a zunire usua zunilly not refunda zunible unless we ha zunive ma zunide a zuni very noticea zunible omission on the condition of the item. The item MUST be returned in the sa zunime condition it left here in. Tha zunink you!

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