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vintage, SALE Vintage VERY COLLECTIBLE Zuni Vera Luna (1930-1982) Mason Sterling Bolo Tie



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Vinta sterling silverge Zuni Vera sterling silver Luna sterling silver Ma sterling silverson Sterling Bolo TieBy cla sterling silversp you know it wa sterling silvers ma sterling silverde 1968-1982. Well known a sterling silvernd a sterling silver certa sterling silverin collectible. Bea sterling silverutiful inla sterling silvery by the very collectible Vera sterling silver Luni, Zuni. Vera sterling silver Luna sterling silver wa sterling silvers one of the a sterling silverll time grea sterling silvert Zuni a sterling silverrtists, whose work resides in numerous museums a sterling silvernd ga sterling silverlleries a sterling silvernd she is mentioned in most of the books a sterling silverbout Zuni jewelry. I've owned ma sterling silverny of her pieces, signed a sterling silvernd unsigned a sterling silvernd a sterling silverlwa sterling silverys love her work. This is a sterling silvern ea sterling silverrly unsigned piece which is bea sterling silverutiful a sterling silvernd cha sterling silverrming.The piece I'm offering here is a sterling silver lovely form with wonderful stones, shells a sterling silvernd color. It is a sterling silver gorgeous bolo a sterling silvernd the pictures don't do it justice beca sterling silveruse they ma sterling silvergnify so much tha sterling silvert the cha sterling silverrm of the sma sterling silverll deta sterling silveril is lost. This is a sterling silver gem of a sterling silver bolo,The tie is still supple a sterling silvernd wea sterling silverra sterling silverble but it does show wea sterling silverr. The stones, too, show some a sterling silverge a sterling silverppropria sterling silverte wea sterling silverr but no da sterling silverma sterling silverge a sterling silvernd no cra sterling silvercks or splits. It's in excellent vinta sterling silverge, wea sterling silverra sterling silverble a sterling silvernd collectible condition, over a sterling silverll. The colors a sterling silvernd simplicity of the design a sterling silverre striking. I think a sterling silverll collections should ha sterling silverve multiple pieces by Vera sterling silver Luna sterling silver. Why not sta sterling silverrt with this cla sterling silverssic a sterling silvernd yet striking bolo? It ha sterling silvers a sterling silvern elega sterling silvernce a sterling silvernd a sterling silver cha sterling silverrm tha sterling silvert is ha sterling silverunting.Tribe: Prob ZuniMeta sterling silverl: tested sterling stone: turquoiseMea sterling silversurements:see pixHa sterling silverllma sterling silverrk: Xposted. Price does not include shipping. note: findings such a sterling silvers cla sterling silversps on bolos etc will never be sterling a sterling silvers it is not strong enough to ta sterling silverke the tensile strength. I use JSP to test the meta sterling silverl. I do not ta sterling silverke the pa sterling silvertina sterling silver off, persona sterling silverlly I like it but it is up to buyer wha sterling silvert they wa sterling silvernt to do once they own it. ConditionI a sterling silverlwa sterling silverys do my best to describe a sterling silvernd/or photogra sterling silverph a sterling silverll noticea sterling silverble fla sterling silverws. Plea sterling silverse study a sterling silverll photos a sterling silvernd plea sterling silverse a sterling silversk questions before buying. I lea sterling silverve sterling in a sterling silvers is sha sterling silverpe for the customer to decide whether to clea sterling silvern. Note tha sterling silvert vinta sterling silverge items a sterling silverre just tha sterling silvert, vinta sterling silverge.\u00a sterling silver0 So this item wa sterling silvers previously 'loved on,' a sterling silvernd ma sterling silvery ha sterling silverve some expected minor imperfections due to genera sterling silverl wea sterling silverr.\u00a sterling silver0 But if there were a sterling silverny\u00a sterling silver0notea sterling silverble condition issues (fla sterling silverws etc) outside the norm, it would otherwise be sta sterling silverted here whether verba sterling silverlly or by photo. Plea sterling silverse note: refunds only if notified within 24 hours of delivery of item a sterling silvernd item shipped ba sterling silverck inmedia sterling silvertely. shipping costs a sterling silverre usua sterling silverlly not refunda sterling silverble unless we ha sterling silverve ma sterling silverde a sterling silver very noticea sterling silverble omission on the condition of the item. The item MUST be returned in the sa sterling silverme condition it left here in. Tha sterling silvernk you!

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