Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rice paper, Tiny painting on Rice paper Necklace-Grey Red Pour



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This neckla glass pendantce is ma glass pendantde of a glass pendant gla glass pendantss tile with a glass pendantn origina glass pendantl pa glass pendantinting on rice pa glass pendantper. It ha glass pendants a glass pendantn gunmeta glass pendantl setting & comes with your choice of 3 cha glass pendantins. The cha glass pendantin is a glass pendantva glass pendantila glass pendantble in either a glass pendant gunmeta glass pendantl 16" rope cha glass pendantin with a glass pendant 2" extender (5th photo), a glass pendant 24" gunmeta glass pendantl ba glass pendantll style cha glass pendantin(3rd photo) or a glass pendant 24" Vinta glass pendantge style cha glass pendantin (4th photo).The size is 1 3/8 x 1 1/16. The photo ha glass pendants been sea glass pendantled with a glass pendant high-gloss va glass pendantrnish but is not wa glass pendantter proof. It is a glass pendantlso sensitive to prolonged exposure to intense hea glass pendantt. I recommend not wea glass pendantring this jewelry when swimming or exercising.

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