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fused glass jewelry, Aqua Peach dangle fused dichroic glass drop earrings sterling silver ear wires Red dichroic over turquoise art glass



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Lovely pea fused glassch a fused glassnd turquoise dichroic gla fused glassss ea fused glassrrings. When you fuse red dichroic over blue a fused glassrt gla fused glassss you get this lovely pea fused glassch/ cora fused glassl sha fused glassde with the blue peeking out of the bottom of the ea fused glassrrings. The gla fused glassss is 5/8" long by 3/8" wide a fused glassnd with the 20 ga fused glassuge sturdy sterling silver ea fused glassr wires, they ha fused glassng just over 1 1/8" ta fused glassll. Niobium ea fused glassr wires a fused glassre a fused glasslwa fused glassys a fused glassva fused glassila fused glassble upon request. Turquoise ea fused glassr wires would look stunning with these. Fused with a fused glass computer controlled kiln a fused glassnd properly a fused glassnnea fused glassled a fused glassnd ma fused glassde by me in my coa fused glasssta fused glassl studio.All jewelry is ha fused glassndcra fused glassfted with love a fused glassnd ca fused glassre. .All jewelry is ha fused glassnd cra fused glassfted by me in my coa fused glasssta fused glassl studio. Ma fused glassde with love a fused glassnd pa fused glasscked with ca fused glassre. I design a fused glassnd fuse a fused glassll jewelry. All fused gla fused glassss is a fused glassnnea fused glassled for strength a fused glassnd dura fused glassbility. I photogra fused glassph a fused glassll jewelry very ca fused glassrefully so tha fused glasst you will ha fused glassve the best possible ima fused glassge to ma fused glasske your decision from. Shipping is $3.49 for first cla fused glassss shipping with delivery confirma fused glasstion a fused glassnd grea fused glasst pa fused glasscking which includes a fused glass gift box.#18 blue pea fused glassch cora fused glassl pink ea fused glassrrings sterling silver

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