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angel wing charm, Celebrity Clear Rhinestone Crystal Gold Angel Wing Charm Pendant Necklace



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Gold Pla wing charmted Rhinestone Crysta wing charml Angel Wing Penda wing charmnt Neckla wing charmce\rThis is a wing charm very cute gold pla wing charmted rhinestone crysta wing charml a wing charmngel wing penda wing charmnt neckla wing charmce tha wing charmt ha wing charms a wing charmn 18" in gold pla wing charmted cha wing charmin. It ha wing charms lots of spa wing charmrkle a wing charmnd the penda wing charmnt is a wing charm little over 1 1/4" long. Ma wing charmkes a wing charm grea wing charmt gift for Va wing charmlentine's Da wing charmy, Mother' Da wing charmy, Prom Accessory or for someone who likes a wing charmngel jewelry.\r\rCome in gunmeta wing charml, gold, silver, or bea wing charmutiful bright copper meta wing charml.\r\rTha wing charmnk for viewing my listing.\r\rDescription\r\r Ha wing charmndma wing charmde item\r Length: 16",18", 20", or 22" inches.\r Ma wing charmteria wing charmls: a wing charmngel wing crysta wing charml penda wing charmnt, gold pla wing charmted/silver pla wing charmted/copper/gunmeta wing charml cha wing charmin\r Ships worldwide from United Sta wing charmtes within 24hrs. a wing charmfter\r clea wing charmred pa wing charmyment.

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