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nature lover gift, Woodland Acorn Necklace with Silver Acorn Cap and Wood Bead - FREE Gift Wrap



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Woodla rustic acornnd Acorn Neckla rustic acornce comprised of a rustic acornn oxidized silver pla rustic acornted a rustic acorncorn ca rustic acornp, ba rustic acornyong wooden bea rustic acornd a rustic acornnd a rustic acorn sta rustic acorninless steel cha rustic acornin, closing with a rustic acorn lobster cla rustic acornsp. Choose length a rustic acornt checkout: 20". 22". 24". 26". 28". The a rustic acorncorn penda rustic acornnt mea rustic acornsures 1 3/4". I ha rustic acornve severa rustic acornl of these neckla rustic acornces in different finish combos. See la rustic acornst photo. There is a rustic acorn link to them further down in the description.More a rustic acorncorn neckla rustic acornces ca rustic acornn be found here: a rustic acorncorn jewelry ca rustic acornn be found here: see more of my ha rustic acornndma rustic acornde jewelry in my shop, click this link:Wea rustic acornrYourWild.IG: @wea rustic acornryourwildAll jewelry comes nestled in recycled, rustic kra rustic acornft gift boxes tied with ba rustic acornkers twine, jute string or wra rustic acornpped in wa rustic acornshi ta rustic acornpe.FREE gift wra rustic acornpping is a rustic acornva rustic acornila rustic acornble upon request. You ca rustic acornn see the a rustic acornva rustic acornila rustic acornble pa rustic acornper in the la rustic acornst photo. If you'd like your item gift wra rustic acornpped plea rustic acornse fill out the Persona rustic acornliza rustic acorntion section a rustic acornt checkout.Tha rustic acornnks for supporting ha rustic acornndma rustic acornde!Ka rustic acorntie @ Wea rustic acornr Your Wild

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