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dichroic jewelry, Alchemy Gold Dichroic Glass earrings fused glass earrings Sterling Silver ear wires fused Glass jewelry dangles dangly Mendocino CA



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A unique pa glass earringsir of ea glass earringsrrings with the effect of silver turned to gold. I ha glass earringsve la glass earringsyered chunks of gla glass earringsss frit over dichroic gla glass earringsss a glass earringsnd put .999 silver over the top. When they were fused the silver turned gold. This is a glass earrings ra glass earringsther interesting effect a glass earringsnd I find these ea glass earringsrrings quite rema glass earringsrka glass earringsble. They a glass earringsre slightly over 5/8" long by 3/8" wide a glass earringsnd just over 1 1/4" long with the 20 ga glass earringsuge sterling silver ea glass earringsr wires. These ea glass earringsrrings a glass earringsre three la glass earringsyers of gla glass earringsss thick but beca glass earringsuse they a glass earringsre not very long, they a glass earringsre not hea glass earringsvy. A delightful pa glass earringsir of ea glass earringsrrings with grea glass earringst cha glass earringsrm a glass earringsnd presence.Ea glass earringsch penda glass earringsnt is fused to a glass earringst lea glass earringsst once to 1500 -1550 degrees, then cold worked ( ground with a glass earrings dia glass earringsmond grinder) a glass earringsnd fired in a glass earrings kiln for the second time a glass earringst 1350 degrees to smooth the edges a glass earringsnd refine the sha glass earringspe.Ha glass earringsnd cra glass earringsfted in my coa glass earringssta glass earringsl studio a glass earringsnd finished with excellent qua glass earringslity sterling silver ea glass earringsr wires. Niobium ea glass earringsr wires a glass earringslwa glass earringsys a glass earringsva glass earringsila glass earringsble a glass earringst no extra glass earrings cha glass earringsrge. I ha glass earringsve been fusing gla glass earringsss since 1992 a glass earringsnd still love the thrill of opening a glass earrings kiln a glass earringsnd seeing the results of my efforts. I design a glass earringsnd fuse ea glass earringsch unique gla glass earringsss penda glass earringsnt. Ea glass earringsch individua glass earringsl penda glass earringsnt is crea glass earringsted from specia glass earringslty a glass earringsrt gla glass earringsss a glass earringsnd dichroic gla glass earringsss some of which is custom ma glass earringsde for us. We ha glass earringsve colored gla glass earringsss coa glass earringsted with dichroic coa glass earringstings to crea glass earringste a glass earrings ca glass earringsbochon which ha glass earringss no possibility of being duplica glass earringsted.Ea glass earringsch penda glass earringsnt is a glass earringsnnea glass earringsled, which mea glass earringsns cooled a glass earringst a glass earrings controlled speed, for strength a glass earringsnd dura glass earringsbility. I photogra glass earringsph ea glass earringsch penda glass earringsnt very ca glass earringsrefully so tha glass earringst you will ha glass earringsve the best possible ima glass earringsge to ma glass earringske your decision from.McCra glass earringsy Studios gold a glass earringslchemy dichroic fused gla glass earringsss sterling silver ea glass earringsr wires ea glass earringsrrings#52

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