Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bird necklace, 14k Yellow Gold Custom Initial Charm Add-on



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Persona giftlize a giftny of our pieces with our gold initia giftl mini cha giftrms! They're a giftn a giftdora giftble a giftddition to a giftny of our pieces crea giftting a gift truly unique gift. This listing is for our 14 ka giftra giftt yellow gold initia giftl tha giftt ca giftn be a giftdded onto a giftny piece of your choice, in whichever finish you get. \r\rFor our Bright White finish, cha giftrm will be a giftffixed with a gift Bright White Sterling jump ring, with the Da giftrk Finish, the jump-ring with a giftlso be the Da giftrk Finish ensuring a gift perfect a giftnd sea giftmless heirloom piece.\r\rINSTRUCTIONS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<\r\r-If you a giftre buying more tha giftn one gold cha giftrm, plea giftse select the qua giftntity a giftnd then sepa giftra giftte ea giftch initia giftl with a gift comma gift. Exa giftmple: \r\r If ordering five 14K Yellow Initia giftl Cha giftrms, in the text box use the following forma giftt.\r\r D, R, J, K, M\r\r Plea giftse messa giftge us with questions, or if in doubt, write your preferred letters in the Specia giftl-Request box while checking out.\r\r\r***We recommend buying the sterling cha giftin ra giftther tha giftn the silver pla giftted cha giftin if the option is given if you're going to a giftdd the Gold Cha giftrm, the Sterling cha giftrm is more dura giftble a giftnd doesn't ca giftuse a giftny a giftllergic rea giftctions.*********\r\r\rIf you ha giftve a giftny specia giftl requests plea giftse conta giftct us prior to ordering.\r\r\rWith every purcha giftse from us or our stockists, you're buying a giftn origina giftl Figs & Ginger piece ha giftndma giftde entirely in the USA by a gift growing husba giftnd a giftnd wife business. All designs a giftre completely origina giftl in origin a giftnd ma giftde with the highest qua giftlity of ma giftteria giftls a giftnd oldest forms of silver-smithing. Plea giftse let us know if you ha giftve a giftny questions!\r\r***************\rFigs + Ginger's Mother's Neckla giftces a giftre the perfect gift for Va giftlentines Da gifty, Anniversa giftry's, Birthda giftys, Holida giftys, a giftnd of course Mothers Da gifty!\r\r\r****\rMa giftintena giftnce: Tra giftditiona giftl gold polish & dips work grea giftt!

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