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cuff links, b001 Vintage Double sided Cuff links in Gold Tone Finish



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PRE-OWNEDPLEASE READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION BEFORE PURCHASINGFor Sa cuff linksle: (1) Pa cuff linksir Vinta cuff linksge Ha cuff linksndsome Ova cuff linksl Double sided Cuff links in Gold tone FinishPlea cuff linksse see pictures for more deta cuff linksils!Fea cuff linkstures: Vinta cuff linksge pa cuff linksir of cuff links in a cuff links gold tone finish. One side is a cuff links brushed or dull gold the other side is a cuff links shiny polished gold finish. These a cuff linksre signed G.L.P. Co. They still look grea cuff linkst for their a cuff linksge. A ha cuff linksndsome a cuff linksnd timeless pa cuff linksir.In grea cuff linkst condition. Sma cuff linksll surfa cuff linksce scra cuff linkstches from norma cuff linksl wea cuff linksr. (AS SEEN IN PICTURES)Specifics:5/8" long by 1/2" wide--------------------------------------If you ha cuff linksve a cuff linksny questions rega cuff linksrding this item or pricing, plea cuff linksse feel free to conta cuff linksct us :)Plea cuff linksse be 100% sure of your purcha cuff linksse before buying, a cuff linkss we do not offer refunds. We a cuff linksre more tha cuff linksn ha cuff linksppy to provide a cuff linksny specific pictures, or a cuff linksnswer a cuff linksny questions you ha cuff linksve rega cuff linksrding our items :) ALL INCLUDED ITEMS ARE IN PICTURESIf description sta cuff linkstes tha cuff linkst something is included, but is not shown in the photo plea cuff linksse conta cuff linksct us first before purcha cuff linkssing.Do not a cuff linksssume a cuff linksnything is included tha cuff linkst is not shown in pictures.We cla cuff linksim no responsibility for possible ina cuff linksccura cuff linkscies in Origina cuff linksl Ma cuff linksnufa cuff linkscturers description.Shipping & ReturnsPlea cuff linksse a cuff linksllow a cuff linksdequa cuff linkste time for your item to a cuff linksrrive before conta cuff linkscting usDomesticWe ship via cuff links First Cla cuff linksss Ma cuff linksil USPS with signa cuff linkstureRETURN POLICYDefective items only within 7 da cuff linksys.Any item listed a cuff linkss pa cuff linksrts or repa cuff linksir MAY NOT be returned, Plea cuff linksse note: items designa cuff linksted "a cuff linkss is, no returns" ma cuff linksy be da cuff linksma cuff linksged. Buyer should not expect a cuff links refund for a cuff linksny items so designa cuff linksted

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