Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Penny Bird Necklacecopper, sterling silver and copper pennycopper, mixed metal bird charmcopper, bird jewelrycopper, coin pendant by Kathryn Riechert



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Perfect for bird lovers, a pennynyone who collects coins, or a pennynyone who just likes to smile.The cha pennyrm on this neckla pennyce is ma pennyde from a penny USA penny (copper) with sterling silver deta pennyils a pennynd a penny sterling silver cha pennyin. The cha pennyrm ca pennyn be worn with the bird fa pennycing either left or right. This comes from my recent explora pennytions with va pennyrious currencies. This piece complies with federa pennyl regula pennytions on a pennyltering coins a pennynd is perfectly lega pennyl :) Sa pennydly, I ca pennynnot a pennyccept requests for specific yea pennyrs on the coins.***********************************************************Click the 'Shipping a pennynd Policies' ta pennyb (next to the photogra pennyphs a pennyt the top of the this description) for informa pennytion on shipping times a pennynd my shop policies.https://www./shop/Ka pennythrynRiechert#policiesSend me a pennyn etsy convo or ema pennyil with a pennyny a pennynd a pennyll questions.Tha pennynk you!

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