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gold, Corkscrew Black and Gold Cufflinks Vintage



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These a screwre very unique cufflinks, sure to ja screwzz up a screwny dress occa screwsion! The cufflinks a screwre ma screwde of a screw gold tone meta screwl a screwnd fea screwture a screw corkscrew design. Inside the corkscrews a screwre three bla screwck ba screwlls tha screwt move a screwround slightly. These a screwre very eye ca screwtching a screwnd fun!They ha screwve pivoting ba screwcks for ea screwsy wea screwr. Mea screwsure just under 1" wide a screwnd a screwre 1" in depth.These a screwre in grea screwt vinta screwge condition! *We a screwre a screwlwa screwys willing to ship interna screwtiona screwlly! Plea screwse messa screwge us for a screw quote!

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