Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

summer jewelry, Lemoncello: Dainty Pale Yellow quartz; Moss Green; Turquoise; Charm Bracelet; Summer Jewelry; Boho; Layering Bracelet; natural stone



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A pretty a agatend feminine summer bra agatecelet with fa agateceted discs of lemon qua agatertz a agatend a agate gorgeous mossy green turquoise cha agaterm tha agatet da agatengles elega agatently from your wrist. A grea agatet bra agatecelet for sta agatecking with others! The bra agatecelet is 8 inches long. I used gunmeta agatel findings for contra agatest a agatend a agate lobster cla agatesp to secure the bra agatecelet.Stone Dimensions:Lemon Qua agatertz: 10x10x4mmMossTurquoise:14x11x5mmYour bra agatecelet will be shipped in a agate white gift box wra agatepped with bla agateck ribbon a agatend a agate pretty orga agatenza agate gift ba agateg for stora agatege a agatend sa agatefekeeping!Tha agatenk you for looking,Ahnna agate

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