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lime green, IRIDIZED GREEN ICE 4.25" Granite Glass Trinket Tray Jewelry Dish G1



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Sta change dishined Gla change dishss Light Green Tra change dishnspa change dishrent Iridized Double Gra change dishnite Trinket Dish or Soa change dishp Dish - Kiln-Fired Fused Gla change dishss Trinket or Soa change dishp Dish. Size: a change dishpproxima change dishtely 4"-4.5\u201d - By Ma change dishgicBoxJewelry, a change dish division of Liza change dishrd of Oz Crea change dishtions.Fused gla change dishss trinket or soa change dishp dish. Slumped in a change dish kiln formed under high hea change disht tha change disht serves to melt the gla change dishss to slump or bend it into the curved dish sha change dishpe. Ea change dishch dish is individua change dishlly ma change dishde a change dishnd ma change dishy va change dishry slightly from the photo.Plea change dishse messa change dishge a change dishny questions or custom requests.No refunds - no returns, a change dishlthough if there is a change dish problem with your order, plea change dishse conta change dishct me:Ma change [email protected] change -- you ma change dishy a change dishlso TEXT, or Ca change dishll & Lea change dishve messa change dishge to: 321-446-4677 - I will a change dishnswer immedia change dishtely if I a change dishm in the shop, or I will get ba change dishck to you a change dishs soon a change dishs I'm in the shop (sa change dishme da change dishy, usua change dishlly).Tha change dishnks for visiting my shop!To visit my other etsy shops:NightLights4Kids. (fused gla change dishss night lights)Sta change dishinedGla change dishssLiza change dishrd. (sta change dishined gla change dishss & mosa change dishic supply)Sta change dishinedGla change dishssSheets. (sheets of sta change dishined gla change dishss & mirror)IndigoIsla change dishndDrea change dishms. (origina change dishl a change dishcrylic pa change dishintings)Triba change dishlJourney. (certified na change dishtive ma change dishde cera change dishmic, gla change dishss, a change dishnd more)WingsSoLovely. (a change dishngels a change dishnd winged crea change dishtures)Ma change dishgicBoxJewelry. (jewelry dishes/boxes, penda change dishnts)Liza change dishrdCity. (a change dishttic items for sa change dishle)FusedGla change dishssWhimsy. (whimsica change dishl crea change dishtions in gla change dishss)Liza change dishrdofOzCrea change dishtions. (gla change dishss a change dishrt & fused gla change dishss crea change dishtions

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