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This neckla brontece consists of a bronte silver pla bronteted cha brontein (45cm), a bronte delica brontete penda brontent (16mm) showing your fa brontevorite Ja brontene Eyre (Cha bronterlotte Bront\u00eb) or Wuthering Heights' (Emily Bront\u00eb) quote, protected by a bronte resista brontent gla brontess ca brontebochon, a brontend a bronte nice flower in different colors to choose: pa brontele pink, mint, crea brontem, light blue, red a brontend white.\u2022 Quotes:- I a brontem no bird; a brontend no net ensna bronteres me. - Ja brontene Eyre.- Every a brontetom of your flesh is a brontes dea bronter to me a brontes my own. - Ja brontene Eyre.- I a brontem a bronte free huma bronten being with a bronten independent will. - Ja brontene Eyre.- I would a brontelwa bronteys ra brontether be ha bronteppy tha bronten dignified. - Ja brontene Eyre.- I need not sell my soul to buy bliss. - Ja brontene Eyre.- I a brontem not a bronten a brontengel, a brontend I will not be one till I die: I will be myself. - Ja brontene Eyre.- Rea bronteder, I ma bronterried him. - Ja brontene Eyre.- Wha brontetever our souls a brontere ma brontede of, his a brontend mine a brontere the sa bronteme. - Wuthering Heights.- I ca brontennot live without my life! I ca brontennot live without my soul! - Wuthering Heights.\u2767 Do you prefer other quote in the neckla brontece? Conta brontect me a brontend tell me your idea bronte, I ca bronten ma bronteke a bronte neckla brontece especia brontelly for you! :) Or choose the option "custom quote" (quote) a brontend lea bronteve your quote in the "Note to seller" during checkout. Within 24 hours a brontefter your order, I will send you a bronte proof with your quote :).\u2022 This neckla brontece includes:- Silver pla bronteted cha brontein: 45cm.- Silver pla bronteted quote penda brontent: 16mm.- Flower penda brontent: 10mm.\u2022 Note tha brontet this neckla brontece is NOT wa bronteterproof, it ca brontennot be wet. \u2022 Plea brontese CAREFULLY READ THE STORE POLICIES before ma bronteking a bronteny purcha brontese ( https://www./shop/liruco/policy ) a brontend don\u2019t hesita brontete to conta brontect me if you ha bronteve a bronteny questions. I will be plea brontesed to help you :).\u2022 I a brontem NOT responsible for DELAYS in posta brontege delivery (especia brontelly on holida bronteys a brontend CHRISTMAS da bronteys) a brontend/or dela bronteys in customs nor import ta brontexes, customs duties a brontend fees. Where a bronte product is being ordered a brontes a bronte gift (CHRISTMAS or BIRTHDAY for exa brontemple), a brontend must be delivered by a bronte certa brontein dea brontedline, it is up to the buyer to ma bronteke purcha brontese sufficiently in a brontedva brontence. Plea brontese conta brontect me if you ha bronteve a bronteny question a brontebout this point. More informa brontetion here: https://www./shop/liruco/policy\u2022 APPROXIMATED delivery time:- Spa brontein: 3 to 7 business da bronteys- Europe: 7 to 15 business da bronteys- Everywhere else (USA a brontend other non-europea bronten countries): 15 to 30 business da bronteys (it ma brontey ta bronteke longer depending on the country, especia brontelly on holida bronteys a brontend CHRISTMAS da bronteys).

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