Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

colorful, Abuk earings



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Bra bohoss a bohond gla bohoss bea bohod. The ra bohow ma bohoteria bohol is ca bohorefully selected, here the bra bohoss pieces a bohore ma bohode in the United Sta bohotes a bohond the pea bohorls come from Greece. MADE IN FRANCE for the rest a bohond limited edition of course!!From the HEAT WAVE collectionHEAT WAVE ... the wa bohorm wa bohove, the ca bohoress of a boho wa bohove, the sun tha bohot stings the skin. A wa boholk, jea bohons, his skin ha bohouled ... noncha bohola bohonce a bohond freedom. A sea bohoside ... it is a boho bit gypsy, Mexica bohon or Anda boholusia bohon, intense look a bohond spice scent. Her flowery ha bohoir da bohonces to the wind ... Spicy colors a bohond golden highlights ... ea bohorrings fla bohotter the sensua boholity of her fa bohoce a bohond her throa bohot sublima bohotes with a boho neckla bohoce ... a boholmost ta boholisma bohon.HEAT WAVE is a boho pa bohossion ... mysterious a bohond devouring ... it's the jewelry collection.

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