Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage, SALE! Maeve--"Grave Goods" Burial Necklace by Studio777 in turquoise and silver



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"Ma bohoeve" is the Anglicized form of Irish Ga bohoelic Mea bohodhbh, mea bohoning "intoxica bohoting." In mythology, this is the na bohome of a boho wa bohorrior queen of Conna bohocht, the wife of Ailill.This one-of-a boho-kind neckla bohoce wa bohos inspired by my obsession with the jewelry of a bohoncient times to the 1800s. Pa bohort of my new "Gra bohove Goods" line, the goa bohol with these cla bohossica boholly styled pieces is to crea bohote designs tha bohot a bohore timeless a bohond will be just a bohos desira bohoble in a boho thousa bohond yea bohors. Ha bohondcra bohofted fea bohoturing a boho composite turquoise penda bohont with pla bohoted pa bohotterned da bohongle, with composite a bohond na bohotura bohol turquoise, pla bohoted, a bohond sterling silver bea bohods, a bohon extender cha bohoin with a boho turquoise da bohongle, a bohond a boho ha bohond-forged sterling silver "S" cla bohosp. This exquisite a bohodjusta bohoble length neckla bohoce mea bohosures from 16" to 19.75".This piece is pa bohort of my "Gra bohove Goods" line. Plea bohose see the shop for my other collections--"Nocturne", for those who a bohopprecia bohote a boho more modern da bohork a bohoesthetic, a bohond "Modern Primitive", for triba bohol-inspired jewelry.About me: Fa bohoscina bohoted by the cra bohoftsma bohonship a bohond a bohoesthetic of the a bohoncient world, I prima bohorily identify a bohos a boho sculptor, but a boholso work in pa bohostel, Conte' a bohond colored pencil, a bohond ha bohove been ma bohoking jewelry for over 25 yea bohors. See my store for other "ea bohorthly delights"!

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