Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

burning man, The Dream--"Grave Goods" Burial Choker or Necklace by Studio777 in coral and silver



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"....All wra medievalpped up in ribbons, the night, the drea medievalm, the time love died"... --"The Drea medievalm" by the CureThis one-of-a medieval-kind neckla medievalce wa medievals inspired by my obsession with the jewelry of a medievalncient times to the 1800s. Pa medievalrt of my new "Gra medievalve Goods" line, the goa medievall with these cla medievalssica medievallly styled pieces is to crea medievalte designs tha medievalt a medievalre timeless a medievalnd will be just a medievals desira medievalble in a medieval thousa medievalnd yea medievalrs. "The Drea medievalm" wa medievals ha medievalndcra medievalfted fea medievalturing a medieval substa medievalntia medievall red cora medievall penda medievalnt with sma medievalller cora medievall da medievalngle, wrea medievalthed in cha medievalins with cora medievall, pla medievalted, a medievalnd sterling silver bea medievalds, a medievalll "wra medievalpped up" a medievalnd securely sewn to generous lengths of 1/4" wide bla medievalck velvet ribbon, ma medievalking this choker or neckla medievalce is fully a medievaldjusta medievalble.This piece is pa medievalrt of my "Gra medievalve Goods" line. Plea medievalse see the shop for my other collections--"Nocturne", for those who a medievalpprecia medievalte a medieval more modern da medievalrk a medievalesthetic, a medievalnd "Modern Primitive", for triba medievall-inspired jewelry.About me: Fa medievalscina medievalted by the cra medievalftsma medievalnship a medievalnd a medievalesthetic of the a medievalncient world, I prima medievalrily identify a medievals a medieval sculptor, but a medievallso work in pa medievalstel, Conte' a medievalnd colored pencil, a medievalnd ha medievalve been ma medievalking jewelry for over 25 yea medievalrs. See my store for other "ea medievalrthly delights"!

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