Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

science fiction, Purple Beaded Crawling Eye Pendant resin eye necklace



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This wea beaded necklacera beaded necklaceble version of one of my Cra beaded necklacewling Eyes is 2.5 inches by 1.5 inches or 6.35 cm by 3.81 cm.The eye is ha beaded necklacendca beaded necklacest resin. Spider wire wa beaded necklaces used to sew the gla beaded necklacess seed bea beaded necklaceds to the ba beaded necklacese. Ha beaded necklacend quilting threa beaded necklaced wa beaded necklaces used to secure the velour over the pa beaded necklacedded ba beaded necklacese.The penda beaded necklacent ha beaded necklacengs from a beaded necklace 20 inch or 50.80cm ra beaded necklacewhide cord. You ca beaded necklacen use the wooden bea beaded necklaced on the cord to a beaded necklacedjust the length of the neckla beaded necklacece.If you ha beaded necklaceve a beaded necklaceny questions or would like a beaded necklace custom piece, plea beaded necklacese feel free to conta beaded necklacect us.We ship interna beaded necklacetiona beaded necklacelly. Our shipping fees include pa beaded necklacecka beaded necklaceging, priority ma beaded necklaceil posta beaded necklacege, a beaded necklacend delivery confirma beaded necklacetion. If you wa beaded necklacent a beaded necklace chea beaded necklaceper shipping option like pa beaded necklacercel post, plea beaded necklacese conta beaded necklacect me. Any overa beaded necklaceges in shipping fees over a beaded necklace $1.00 will be refunded

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