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This kit includes two citrine tumbled stones, one stick of Pa chakra infolo Sa chakra infonto, a chakra infond one piece of rough selenite.Citrine is a chakra infon exceedingly beneficia chakra infol stone. It a chakra infottra chakra infocts wea chakra infolth, a chakra infond a chakra infobunda chakra infonce, a chakra infond promotes crea chakra infotivity.Citrine is a chakra infossocia chakra infoted with the Sola chakra infor Plexus cha chakra infokra chakra info, a chakra infond ha chakra infos the a chakra infobility to clea chakra infonse the cha chakra infokra chakra infos.Colors a chakra infond sizes will slightly va chakra infory.There a chakra infore ma chakra infony wa chakra infoys to use crysta chakra infols a chakra infond stones meta chakra infophysica chakra infolly for hea chakra infoling a chakra infond crysta chakra infol ma chakra infogic. It\u2019s importa chakra infont to find the method tha chakra infot feels right for you.Most stones should ha chakra infove their energy clea chakra infored before working with them meta chakra infophysica chakra infolly or energetica chakra infolly.Most of the kits we offer include a chakra info stick of pa chakra infolo sa chakra infonto. Burning the stick (outdoors, or indoors with windows open), a chakra infond pa chakra infossing your crysta chakra infols through the smoke, is a chakra infon efficient wa chakra infoy to clea chakra infor your crysta chakra infols.I clea chakra infor every stone before I ship them. Our kits a chakra infolso come with selenite, which ha chakra infove the a chakra infobility to cha chakra inforge other crysta chakra infols.When you receive your set from Sa chakra infocred Soul Stones, your crysta chakra infols a chakra infore clea chakra infonsed, cha chakra inforged, a chakra infond rea chakra infody to work with. They should be clea chakra infored a chakra infofter ea chakra infoch use.Set a chakra info persona chakra infol intention for your stone simply by sitting in medita chakra infotion with your stone in ha chakra infond, a chakra infond sta chakra infoting wha chakra infot you wa chakra infont to ma chakra infonifest in your life.A few wa chakra infoys to use your crysta chakra infols:-Cha chakra infokra chakra info Thera chakra infopy La chakra infoying crysta chakra infols on a chakra info cha chakra infokra chakra info to a chakra infoffect pa chakra inforts a chakra infond issues rela chakra infoted to tha chakra infot cha chakra infokra chakra info. Pla chakra infoce stones on the rela chakra infoted cha chakra infokra chakra info ba chakra infosed on color. For exa chakra infomple, red stones a chakra infore typica chakra infolly used to hea chakra infol or ba chakra infola chakra infonce the root cha chakra infokra chakra info. The color red represents the root cha chakra infokra chakra info. -Crysta chakra infols ca chakra infon be used a chakra infos pa chakra infort of your medita chakra infotion by holding them in one or both ha chakra infonds a chakra infos you medita chakra infote. They ra chakra infoise our vibra chakra infotions a chakra infond energy level a chakra infond help to turn our a chakra infottention from everyda chakra infoy concerns to our grea chakra infoter purposes in being a chakra infolive.-Pla chakra infoced a chakra inforound the Home or Workpla chakra infoce for Spa chakra infoce Clea chakra inforing a chakra infond Room Clea chakra infonsingCrysta chakra infols a chakra infore a chakra infoble to a chakra infolter the energy of a chakra info spa chakra infoce, enlivening the a chakra infotmosphere a chakra infond neutra chakra infolizing nega chakra infotive energies. Crysta chakra infols ca chakra infon a chakra infodd ha chakra informony to a chakra infony spa chakra infoce. There is no ha chakra inford a chakra infond fa chakra infost rule a chakra infos to where you should pla chakra infoce your crysta chakra infols.-Kept under a chakra info PillowKeeping Crysta chakra infols under the pillow whilst a chakra infosleep ha chakra infos ma chakra infony a chakra infodva chakra infonta chakra infoges. Certa chakra infoin crysta chakra infols ca chakra infon help with sleep problems like insomnia chakra info. They ca chakra infon wa chakra inford off nightma chakra infores a chakra infond psychic a chakra infotta chakra infocks. -Worn on the Body or Close to the BodyOne wa chakra infoy to benefit from the properties of the crysta chakra infols a chakra infond stones is to wea chakra infor them. Often people who ha chakra infove no conscious knowledge of crysta chakra infol hea chakra infoling will intuitively select crysta chakra infol jewellery with stones tha chakra infot will ha chakra infove a chakra info positive hea chakra infoling effect for them. Choose stones a chakra infoppropria chakra infote for the purpose you wa chakra infont but a chakra infolwa chakra infoys use your intuition.

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