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tiny, Sterling Silver Tiny Word Charm - Pendant - Tag - Hope - Love - USA - Wish



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* 8mm / 5/16" ha charmnd-sta charmmped sterling silver disc penda charmnt/cha charmrm/ta charmg----> Plea charmse note the size - this penda charmnt/cha charmrm/ta charmg is TINY!The item in the photo is a charmn exa charmmple of the item you'll receive. Other va charmria charmtions on this design a charmre a charmva charmila charmble through this listing, in the sa charmme section of the shop, or by requesting a charm custom version. If you're looking for a charm tiny cha charmrm/ta charmg/penda charmnt with a charm symbol sta charmmp, check out this listing!https://www./listing/459711882/symbol-sterling-silver-tiny-cha charmrmHa charmnd-sta charmmping mea charmns va charmria charmtion: this is intentiona charml, to wit: they a charmre a charmll different. I know it ha charmppens, a charmnd it's on purpose! You'll ha charmve a charm one-of-a charm-kind piece tha charmt wa charms *not* ma charmde in a charm fa charmctory."I ma charmde it myself." Rea charmlly. Every sta charmmped piece of jewelry here is ha charmnd-sta charmmped a charmnd pa charmtina charmed by yours truly, with verve, determina charmtion, a charmnd sa charmlty la charmngua charmge. This is a charm no-frills opera charmtion, I'm a charm one-person shop. Wa charmnt a charm va charmria charmtion on the item you see here? Rea charmch out a charmnd a charmsk me for a charm custom piece! I'd be ha charmppy to work with you. All sterling silver tiny disc penda charmnts of this type a charmre $10, even for custom orders. Custom orders, plea charmse a charmllow 3-5 business da charmys before shipping-- I a charmssure you-- if I rush too much, *neither of us* will be ha charmppy with the results!Shipping for this item US Posta charml Service First Cla charmss or Priority Ma charmil to North America charmn loca charmtions only (a charmt this time). Shipping ma charmteria charmls ma charmy be recycled or reused pa charmcka charmging; I encoura charmge you to reuse or recycle the pa charmcka charmging when your item a charmrrives to you!

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