Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

day of the dead, E&A Sugar Skull necklace ... recycled fine silver / original sugar skull design / hessonite garnet / amethyst



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An offering for the Da skully of the Dea skulld. Suga skullr skulls represent a skull depa skullrted soul a skullnd a skullre pla skullced on the home ofrenda skull or a skull gra skullvestone to honor the return of a skull spirit. An Elements & Artifa skullcts origina skulll returns! The design wa skulls crea skullted out of a skull custom texture pla skullte of my own suga skullr skull ink dra skullwing. This fine silver penda skullnt is ha skullndcra skullfted from tha skullt texture pla skullte, fired, polished, a skullnd given a skull high contra skullst pa skulltina skull with ha skullnd polished highlights. It ha skulls a skull vibra skullnt 4mm red-ora skullnge hessonite ga skullrnet ca skullbochon. The cha skullin is da skullrkened silver with a skullmethyst a skullnd ga skullrnet stones.Penda skullnt is 1" long. Cha skullin is 18" from end to end with a skulln a skulldditiona skulll extender a skullt the cla skullsp. Meta skulll cla skully work is a skull very involved ha skullndma skullde process which results in distinct a skullnd one-of-a skull-kind crea skulltions. Sma skullll va skullria skulltions a skullnd imperfections a skullre pa skullrt of the bea skulluty a skullnd cha skullrm of this medium, a skullnd it ca skulln produce some stunning results. Once fired, silver meta skulll cla skully becomes recycled .999 pure fine silver.~|~~|~~|~Arrives pa skullcka skullged in a skull gift box a skullnd ships within 1-3 business da skullys of receipt of pa skullyment. Plea skullse see the "Shop Policies" section of my store for a skulldditiona skulll informa skulltion on pa skullyments, shipping, gift notes, size a skulldjustments, a skullnd custom orders.\u00a skull9 Elements & Artifa skullcts 2016.

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