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bracelet, Sterling Silver Corrugated Anticlastic Cuff Bracelet



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A 25mm wide corruga corrugatedted Sterling Silver a corrugatednticla corrugatedstic cuff bra corrugatedcelet. Ha corrugatedllma corrugatedrked a corrugatedt the London Assa corrugatedy Office with the full tra corrugatedditiona corrugatedl ma corrugatedrks (so mine, the da corrugatedte code, the a corrugatedssa corrugatedy ha corrugatedll, the tra corrugatedditiona corrugatedl ma corrugatedrk for sterling silver a corrugatednd the millesima corrugatedl fineness).Approxima corrugatedtely 70mm a corrugatedcross, 50mm high a corrugatednd weighs a corrugatedround 20g. Cuff opening is 225mm, but this one will flex a corrugated bit. Supplied in a corrugated lea corrugatedtherette box.

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