Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

maroon pendant, Maroon Resin Cat Women Pendant pagan element WATER



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I designed this series of ca pagan jewelryt women penda pagan jewelrynts to express the different na pagan jewelrytura pagan jewelryl elements of Ea pagan jewelryrth, Wa pagan jewelryter, Air a pagan jewelrynd Fire.The rose Wa pagan jewelryter ca pagan jewelryt is a pagan jewelry hea pagan jewelryler using wa pagan jewelryter for blessing a pagan jewelrynd clea pagan jewelrynsing her pa pagan jewelrytients. She is very ca pagan jewelryring a pagan jewelrynd pa pagan jewelryssiona pagan jewelryte a pagan jewelrybout her work.I sculpted the penda pagan jewelrynts in cheva pagan jewelrynt cla pagan jewelryy a pagan jewelrynd then ma pagan jewelryde silicone molds from this origina pagan jewelryl. The pieces a pagan jewelryre then ca pagan jewelryst in resin, pa pagan jewelryinted with spra pagan jewelryy ena pagan jewelrymel a pagan jewelrynd a pagan jewelrycrylic pa pagan jewelryint. The penda pagan jewelrynts a pagan jewelryre finished off with clea pagan jewelryrcoa pagan jewelryt to protect the pa pagan jewelryint job. Bla pagan jewelryck felt finishes off the ba pagan jewelryck of the penda pagan jewelrynt.The 1.5 inch or 2.54 cm penda pagan jewelrynt is strung on bla pagan jewelryck suede cord 18 inches or 45.72 cm in length. The red wooden bea pagan jewelryd is strung on the cord so you ca pagan jewelryn a pagan jewelrydjust the length of the cord when wea pagan jewelryring the penda pagan jewelrynt.If you ha pagan jewelryve a pagan jewelryny questions or would like a pagan jewelry penda pagan jewelrynt in a pagan jewelry custom color, plea pagan jewelryse feel free to conta pagan jewelryct us.We ship interna pagan jewelrytiona pagan jewelrylly. Our shipping fees include pa pagan jewelrycka pagan jewelryging a pagan jewelrys well a pagan jewelrys posta pagan jewelryge. Any posta pagan jewelryge cost overa pagan jewelryge on our pa pagan jewelryrt tha pagan jewelryt is over !.00 will be refunded.

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