Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sfetsy team, Mischief Night silk wrap bracelet ... halloween jack-o-lanterns and purple silk



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Pixie, kobold, elf, a sfetsy teamnd sprite,All a sfetsy teamre on their rounds tonight;In the wa sfetsy teamn moon's silver ra sfetsy teamy,Thrives their helter-skelter pla sfetsy teamy.\u2014Joel BentonThis ha sfetsy teamndcra sfetsy teamfted meda sfetsy teamllion of smooth a sfetsy teamcrylic a sfetsy teamnd a sfetsy teamntiqued silver fea sfetsy teamtures sha sfetsy teamdowy, mischievously grinning ja sfetsy teamck-o-la sfetsy teamnterns. The foca sfetsy teaml piece is strung onto a sfetsy team da sfetsy teamrk purple wa sfetsy teamtercolor silk wra sfetsy teamp.The ribbon wra sfetsy teamp is 100% luxuriously soft silk a sfetsy teamnd is ha sfetsy teamnd-dyed with ha sfetsy teamnd-sewn edges tha sfetsy teamt ta sfetsy teamper to a sfetsy team soft point a sfetsy teamt the ends. The ribbon is 34-36\u201d long a sfetsy teamnd will wra sfetsy teamp severa sfetsy teaml times a sfetsy teamround your wrist. To wea sfetsy teamr, just wra sfetsy teamp the ribbon a sfetsy teamround your wrist a sfetsy teamnd tie. The ends ca sfetsy teamn be left loose or tucked benea sfetsy teamth the wra sfetsy teamps. Knots ca sfetsy teamn be tied a sfetsy teamlong the length to a sfetsy teamdd a sfetsy team bit of deta sfetsy teamil or a sfetsy teamdjust the fit. The bra sfetsy teamcket ca sfetsy teamn be nudged a sfetsy teamlong the ribbon depending on whether you wa sfetsy teamnt it to to be centered a sfetsy teammong the wra sfetsy teamps or situa sfetsy teamted a sfetsy teamlong the top or bottom edge of the bra sfetsy teamcelet. These a sfetsy teamre versa sfetsy teamtile, comforta sfetsy teamble, a sfetsy teamnd elega sfetsy teamnt.~|~~|~~|~Arrives pa sfetsy teamcka sfetsy teamged in a sfetsy team gift box a sfetsy teamnd ships within 1-3 business da sfetsy teamys of receipt of pa sfetsy teamyment. Plea sfetsy teamse see the "Shop Policies" section of my store for a sfetsy teamdditiona sfetsy teaml informa sfetsy teamtion on pa sfetsy teamyments, shipping, gift notes, size a sfetsy teamdjustments, a sfetsy teamnd custom orders.\u00a sfetsy team9 Elements & Artifa sfetsy teamcts 2015.

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