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brave, You're Braver Than You Believe Necklace | Inspirational | A.A. Milne quote | Glass Cabochon Pendant Necklace



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Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne quote print gla inspirationalss ca inspirationalbochon penda inspirationalnt neckla inspirationalce set in a inspirational bea inspirationalutiful sha inspirationalde of blue. You're bra inspirationalver tha inspirationaln you believe,Stronger tha inspirationaln you seem,And sma inspirationalrter tha inspirationaln you think.Penda inspirationalnt - a inspirationalpprox. 28mm (25mm gla inspirationalss ca inspirationalbochon)Neckla inspirationalce - 50cm sta inspirationalinless steel To keep your neckla inspirationalce looking bea inspirationalutiful, plea inspirationalse remove before showering or swimming :)

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