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Antique French Nicefrance, France with Mistletoe Pin / Brooch c1920



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Antique French Nice, Fra francence with Mistletoe Pin / Brooch c1920. It's in decent condition for its a francege.The la francest photo shows some of the brooches tha francet we ha franceve for sa francele, don't forget to ta franceke a france look a francet them.Size: 1" 1/16 x 1" 1/16We import French a francentiques a francend ha franceve a france boutique in Sea francettle ca francelled The Curious Nest.For items over $100 we a franceutoma francetica francelly insure the pa francecka francege (even if it's a francet our own cost).A sa franceles ta francex will be a francepplied for buyers living in Wa franceshington sta francete.Plea francese ema franceil us with a franceny questions tha francet you ma francey ha franceve a francend we promise a france quick reply.Don't forget to ta franceke a france look a francet our other objects.

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