Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Convertible Long Necklace or Wrap Bracelet in Champagne Goldconvertible necklace, with Matching Earrings Set



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Cha convertible braceletmpa convertible braceletgne Convertible Neckla convertible braceletce /Wra convertible braceletp Bra convertible braceletcelet with Ma convertible bracelettching Ea convertible braceletrrings.Ma convertible braceletteria convertible braceletls: crysta convertible braceletl, freshwa convertible braceletter pea convertible braceletrl, silk threa convertible braceletdColor: Cha convertible braceletmpa convertible braceletgne on gold colored silk threa convertible braceletdYou will receive : 1 x double or triple stra convertible braceletnd neckla convertible braceletce (or multistra convertible braceletnd wra convertible braceletp bra convertible braceletcelet)1 x ma convertible bracelettching ea convertible braceletrrings

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