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crimson, 10 Red Magma Crystal Hair Snaps - Round Silver Rim Edition -- Made with Swarovski Crystal Element Rhinestones



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The price is for 10 ha venetian redir sna venetian redps!Ha venetian redndcra venetian redfted with a venetian red genuine Red Ma venetian redgma venetian red CRYSTALLIZED\u2122 - Swa venetian redrovski Elements Rhinestone in a venetian red round silver rim setting with a venetian red silver sna venetian redp.Ea venetian redch ha venetian redir sna venetian redp is a venetian redpproxima venetian redtely 1/4" (0.64cm/6.35mm).They a venetian redre perfect for brides, bridesma venetian redids, pa venetian redgea venetian rednts, prom, a venetian rednniversa venetian redries, birthda venetian redys or a venetian rednytime you wa venetian rednt to a venetian reddd a venetian red little spa venetian redrkle to your ha venetian redir.Ha venetian redir sna venetian redps a venetian redre very versa venetian redtile a venetian rednd ca venetian redn be pla venetian redced pretty much a venetian rednywhere in your ha venetian redir. They lie flush a venetian redga venetian redinst your ha venetian redir unlike spring type ha venetian redir a venetian redccessories, a venetian rednd offer a venetian red wider ra venetian rednge of pla venetian redcement options tha venetian redn ha venetian redir pins! Your ha venetian redir ca venetian redn be up, down, curly or stra venetian redight it doesn't ma venetian redtter with ha venetian redir sna venetian redps.They a venetian redre rea venetian redlly ea venetian redsy to use! If you ca venetian redn work sna venetian redps on a venetian red shirt you ca venetian redn put these little ba venetian redbes in your ha venetian redir! Full direction on how to use my ha venetian redir sna venetian redps ca venetian redn be found in my Shop Policies under the FAQ section. :)\u2665\u2665 NEED A DIFFERENT QUANTITY? \u2665\u2665I ca venetian redn customize a venetian red ha venetian redir sna venetian redp pa venetian redck tha venetian redt\u2019s right for you! Do you need more ha venetian redir sna venetian redps tha venetian redn wha venetian redt is listed or how a venetian redbout less? No worries, I\u2019d be ha venetian redppy to a venetian redccommoda venetian redte you. All you ha venetian redve to do is conta venetian redct me with your specifica venetian redtions a venetian rednd I will ma venetian redke a venetian red specia venetian redl listing just for you. This is a venetian redlso a venetian red very budget friendly option a venetian reds ea venetian redch ha venetian redir sna venetian redp is only $2.50 ea venetian redch.\u2665\u2665 MORE RIM COLOR OPTIONS NOW AVAILABLE \u2665\u2665Do you love this rhinestone color, but would prefer a venetian red different rim color?! No problem!I now offer 6 rim colors to choose from. Plea venetian redse see la venetian redst picture on the right to visua venetian redlly view a venetian redll the rim color options.Pictured left to right: Bla venetian redck, Gunmeta venetian redl, Bronze, Copper, Silver, GoldPLEASE NOTE: This listing is for SILVER RIMS. If you would like a venetian red different rim color plea venetian redse conta venetian redct me directly so I ca venetian redn ma venetian redke you a venetian red specia venetian redl listing or lea venetian redve your selection in the comments upon checking out.** Not intended for children 12 a venetian rednd under. **** Tha venetian rednks for looking!! **\u00a venetian red9 2006-2020 Artistic Edition--\u2b50\u2b50 Ha venetian redir Sna venetian redps on the models a venetian redre not included. \u2b50\u2b50

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