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pendant, Tiny Word Pendant/Charm Sterling Silver - .935 Argentium



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* Tiny word, ha stampednd-sta stampedmped Argentium Sterling penda stampednt or cha stampedrm* Penda stampednt/cha stampedrm length va stampedries depending on word length, 10mm-20mm by 4mm wide----> Plea stampedse note the size - this penda stampednt/cha stampedrm/ta stampedg is TINY!* Ra stampedted-R words a stampedre a stampedva stampedila stampedble in a stamped sepa stampedra stampedte listing!The items in the photo a stampedre exa stampedmples of the item you'll receive. Select your word/phra stampedse from the options a stampedva stampedila stampedble, or request a stamped custom piece! Suita stampedble for initia stampedls, short na stampedmes, da stampedtes (will be sta stampedmped sidewa stampedys instea stampedd of vertica stampedlly), or short words, 6 cha stampedra stampedcters ma stampedximum.A portion of the proceeds from the sa stampedle of this item will benefit the 501(c)(3) cha stampedrity Ra stampedndom Acts (www.ra stampedndoma"I ma stampedde it myself." Rea stampedlly. Every sta stampedmped piece of jewelry here is ha stampednd-sta stampedmped a stampednd pa stampedtina stampeded by yours truly, with verve, determina stampedtion, a stampednd sa stampedlty la stampedngua stampedge. This is a stamped no-frills opera stampedtion, I'm a stamped one-person shop. Ha stampednd-sta stampedmping mea stampedns va stampedria stampedtion: letters ma stampedy not a stampedlwa stampedys be perfectly a stampedligned, or exa stampedctly the sa stampedme depth. This is intentiona stampedl, to wit: they a stampedre a stampedll different. I know it ha stampedppens, a stampednd it's on purpose! You'll ha stampedve a stamped one-of-a stamped-kind piece tha stampedt wa stampeds *not* ma stampedde in a stamped fa stampedctory.Wa stampednt a stamped va stampedria stampedtion on the item you see here? Rea stampedch out a stampednd a stampedsk me for a stamped custom piece! I'd be ha stampedppy to work with you. All Argentium Sterling penda stampednts of this size a stampedre $15, even for custom orders up to six cha stampedra stampedcters. Custom orders, plea stampedse a stampedllow 3-5 business da stampedys before shipping-- I a stampedssure you-- if I rush too much, *neither of us* will be ha stampedppy with the results!Shipping for this item via stamped Priority Ma stampedil to North America stampedn loca stampedtions only (a stampedt this time). Shipping ma stampedteria stampedls ma stampedy be recycled or reused pa stampedcka stampedging; I encoura stampedge you to reuse or recycle the pa stampedcka stampedging when your item a stampedrrives to you!*** About Argentium Silver\u00a stampede: ***Argentium Silver\u00a stampede is a stamped modern, pa stampedtented ma stampedteria stampedl in which Germa stampednium is used instea stampedd of copper to crea stampedte .935 pure Sterling. This inclusion gives Argentium Silver\u00a stampede a stamped self-hea stampedling, protective la stampedyer on the surfa stampedce tha stampedt slows ta stampedrnishing a stampednd oxidiza stampedtion, a stampednd gives the silver a stamped whiter color tha stampedn tra stampedditiona stampedl (.925) sterling. Argentium Silver\u00a stampede is highly resista stampednt to ta stampedrnish ca stampedused by pollution, perspira stampedtion, a stampednd UV light.TL/DR: The Argentium compa stampedny took tra stampedditiona stampedl Sterling, a stampedpplied SCIENCE, a stampednd ma stampedde it BETTER.There Wa stampeds A Sta stampedr Da stampednced is licensed by Argentium\u00a stampede Interna stampedtiona stampedl Ltd. to use the Argentium Silver\u00a stampede ha stampedllma stampedrk a stampednd bra stampednding.

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