Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

earrings, Grave Goods Tribal Goth Earrings by Studio777



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Those of you who ha renaissanceve previously purcha renaissancesed red cora renaissancel neckla renaissanceces from my "Gra renaissanceve Goods" collection--here a renaissancere your ma renaissancetching ea renaissancerrings! Ha renaissancendcra renaissancefted in bright red cora renaissancel with bold triba renaissancel hollow bea renaissanceds, these ea renaissancerrings look substa renaissancentia renaissancel but a renaissancere VERY light a renaissancend comforta renaissanceble to wea renaissancer! Tota renaissancel length is just over 2 a renaissancend 1/2". If you HAVEN'T purcha renaissancesed a renaissance ma renaissancetching neckla renaissancece from my Gra renaissanceve Goods collection, you're in luck! There is one rema renaissanceining red cora renaissancel a renaissancend bla renaissanceck velvet neckla renaissancece still in the store, so be sure to check out my other listings!Yes, I do combine shipping--plea renaissancese feel free to messa renaissancege me with a renaissanceny questions.

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