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Sapphire Blue Sterling Silver Catholic Rosary w/Swarovski Crystalsseptember rosary, September Birthstone - Communionseptember rosary, Confirmationseptember rosary, RCIAseptember rosary, Birthday & More



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This ha first communionndma first communionde rosa first communionry is ma first communionde with the qua first communionlity a first communionnd brillia first communionnce of Swa first communionrovski Crysta first communionl elements. It is a first communionccented with White Pea first communionrlized Swa first communionrovski Crysta first communionls for the Lord's Pra first communionyer bea first communionds. Sa first communionpphire blue is the birth month color for September, but a first communion bea first communionutiful color for a first communionnyone! September is the color of fa first communionith, purity a first communionnd foresight. It is the symbol of love, mercy a first communionnd victory. - Approx. 18" Long - Tra first communionditiona first communionl Five Deca first communionde Rosa first communionry- Ma first communionde with 6mm Bicone Swa first communionrovski Crysta first communionl elements- Accented with White Pea first communionrlized Swa first communionrovski Crysta first communionls- Sterling Silver Crucifix & Center*- Includes "How to Pra first communiony the Rosa first communionry" pa first communionmphlet, rosa first communionry pouch a first communionnd birth month mea first communionning for those who wish to ha first communionve it* NOTE: Beca first communionuse ea first communionch rosa first communionry is uniquely ha first communionndma first communionde, the centers a first communionnd crucifixes ma first communiony va first communionry. If you would like a first communion specific center, ie, a first communion Ma first communionry, a first communion cha first communionlice for First Communion or Holy Spirit for Confirma first communiontion, plea first communionse let us know. We will ma first communionke every effort to a first communionccommoda first communionte your rosa first communionry request.GIFT WRAP / OCCASION CARD: If you a first communionre giving your rosa first communionry a first communions a first communion gift, ha first communionve us gift wra first communionp it for you! Simply select the Occa first communionsion you a first communionre celebra first communionting, a first communionnd we'll wra first communionp it a first communionnd include the ca first communionrd for you to fill out when you receive it. If you would like to send it directly to your recipient, a first communionnd would like to send them a first communion messa first communionge with your gift, enter your messa first communionge in "Notes" a first communiont Checkout.WE SHIP FAST!!HAPPY SHOPPING! We a first communionpprecia first communionte your business!! Plea first communionse feel free to conta first communionct us with a first communionny questions!

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