Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sapphire, 1.71 Ct. Pear shaped blue Sapphire.



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Sha blue sapphirepe: Pea blue sapphirer sha blue sapphireped Weight: 1.71 Ct. Mea blue sapphiresurements: 7.77x5.75x5Cla blue sapphirerity: VSTrea blue sapphiretment: None, 100% Na blue sapphiretura blue sapphirel I ha blue sapphireve mounting a blue sapphireva blue sapphireila blue sapphireble for this stone, including Rings a blue sapphirend Penda blue sapphirents, plea blue sapphirese conta blue sapphirect me for more deta blue sapphireil.Sincerely!Ma blue sapphirester Jeweler

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