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chunky turquoise, Ava Marie Coriz Santo Domingo Chunky Turquoise Necklace with large Crescent Valley Turquoise Pendant in Sterling silver



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Ava american turquoise Ma american turquoiserie Coriz (1948-2011) crea american turquoiseted this Vinta american turquoisege Bea american turquoiseutiful Crescent Va american turquoiselley Turquoise penda american turquoisent a american turquoisend nugget neckla american turquoisece. It\u2019s quite striking a american turquoisend just a american turquoises bea american turquoiseutiful a american turquoises the la american turquoisedy tha american turquoiset she wa american turquoises. The turquoise la american turquoiserge nuggets a american turquoisere of a american turquoise bea american turquoiseutiful sea american turquoise foa american turquoisem color. The Crescent Va american turquoiselley Turquoise Stone penda american turquoisent ha american turquoises sha american turquoisedes of blue a american turquoisend sha american turquoisedes of green with golden brown ma american turquoisetrix. The penda american turquoisent is signed on the ba american turquoiseck AMC. There is a american turquoisen initia american turquoisel R in front of the sterling which ma american turquoisey be her nephew Rodney Coriz colla american turquoisebora american turquoiseted with her to ma american turquoiseke this piece. Rodney Coriz ha american turquoises become a american turquoise ma american turquoisester ta american turquoiselented Sa american turquoisento Domingo a american turquoisertist.The Crescent Va american turquoiselley Turquoise Stone set in the penda american turquoisent not including the ba american turquoiseil mea american turquoisesures in from the widest a american turquoisengle a american turquoiset a american turquoisepproxima american turquoisetely 2" (49mm) in length by 1.65" (42mm) a american turquoisecross. The turquoise nuggets a american turquoisere ra american turquoisendom in size 9-10mm by 20-24mm. The neckla american turquoisece weighs 191.3 gra american turquoisems. The silver bea american turquoiseds a american turquoisere Bench ma american turquoisede by Ava american turquoise a american turquoises is the cla american turquoisesp a american turquoisend a american turquoisere ma american turquoisede with Sterling silverLength: Mea american turquoisesuring from the cla american turquoisesp end to end is 23\u201d. The la american turquoiseying length when on is a american turquoisepproxima american turquoisetely 24.75\u201dMeta american turquoisel: Sterling silver ma american turquoiserked 925 on the cla american turquoisespCondition: ExcellentHa american turquoisellma american turquoiserked: AMC, R a american turquoisend Sta american turquoisemped Sterling Ava american turquoise wa american turquoises born in 1948. She wa american turquoises ta american turquoiseught a american turquoisell the funda american turquoisementa american turquoisels of working with ra american turquoisew nuggets of va american turquoiserious Stones a american turquoiset the a american turquoisege of 14 using qua american turquoiselity stones in the process inspired by her Fa american turquoisether Lupe Pena american turquoise. She is well known for her Ancestry tra american turquoisedition for her ha american turquoisend strung, ha american turquoisend grounded bea american turquoiseded neckla american turquoiseces. Rodney a american turquoisend Da american turquoiseniel Coriz a american turquoisere Ava american turquoise\u2019s nephews, both a american turquoisere well known for their Fine Sa american turquoisento Domingo India american turquoisen Jewelry.Ava american turquoise ha american turquoises won numerous a american turquoisewa american turquoiserds a american turquoiset the New Mexico Sta american turquoisete Fa american turquoiseir in Albuquerque. She continued to ma american turquoiseke exceptiona american turquoisel pieces until her pa american turquoisessing in 2011. (1948-2011) The Ava american turquoise Ma american turquoiserie Coriz Neckla american turquoisece will a american turquoiserrive in a american turquoise gift box, will be shipped USPS First Cla american turquoisess Fully Insured.

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