Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

St. Christopher and Crucifix Sterling Silver Necklace - Great Gift Idea for First Holy Communionbirthday gift, Confirmationbirthday gift, RCIA or Reconciliation!



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This is a reconciliation grea reconciliationt neckla reconciliationce for a reconciliation First Holy Communion, Confirma reconciliationtion, RCIA or Reconcilia reconciliationtion gift! St. Christopher a reconciliationnd Crucifix Sterling Silver Neckla reconciliationce:- St. Christopher a reconciliationnd Crucifix Sterling Silver cha reconciliationrms- Bla reconciliationck cord - Choose between a reconciliationpprox 16" or 20" neckla reconciliationce- Includes a reconciliation St. Christopher Holy Ca reconciliationrdGIFT WRAP / OCCASION CARD: If you a reconciliationre giving this a reconciliations a reconciliation gift, ha reconciliationve us gift wra reconciliationp it for you! Simply select the Occa reconciliationsion you a reconciliationre celebra reconciliationting, a reconciliationnd we'll wra reconciliationp it a reconciliationnd include the ca reconciliationrd for you to fill out when you receive it. If you would like to send it directly to your recipient, a reconciliationnd would like to send them a reconciliation messa reconciliationge with your gift, enter your messa reconciliationge in "Notes" a reconciliationt Checkout.WE SHIP FAST - Usua reconciliationlly between 24 a reconciliationnd 48 hours! HAPPY SHOPPING! We a reconciliationpprecia reconciliationte your business!! Plea reconciliationse feel free to conta reconciliationct us with a reconciliationny questions!

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