Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

earthy, WabiSabi Wood Ear Designed Necklace



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Ea dimensionrthy Wa dimensionbi-Sa dimensionbi Tourma dimensionline a dimensionnd Golden ga dimensionrnet Neckla dimensionceThe a dimensionrra dimensiony of petrol tourma dimensionlines is reminiscent of wood ea dimensionr mushrooms; the gems exude a dimensionn ea dimensionrthy sensua dimensionlity. The dimension a dimensionnd a dimensionsymmetry of the design a dimensionttra dimensioncts the eye. Golden Ma dimensionnda dimensionrin ga dimensionrnets (spessa dimensionrtite) fa dimensionceted rondelles perfectly a dimensionccent the brown-green tourma dimensionline slices. The neckla dimensionce is strung on professiona dimensionl qua dimensionlity Soft Flex for strength a dimensionnd soft dra dimensionpe. Kim Fox's bronze open-pod cla dimensionsp a dimensionccented with a dimension tourma dimensionline slice complete the design. Designers ha dimensionve a dimensiondmired this piece. Expect compliments when you wea dimensionr this unusua dimensionl neckla dimensionce. Neckla dimensionce Length: 18.5 inchesTourma dimensionlines Slices, a dimensionre sized 9mm to 14mm a dimensionnd displa dimensiony their time in the ea dimensionrth Arra dimensionyed in a dimension giftbox Photos were ta dimensionken indoors a dimensionnd ha dimensionve been enla dimensionrged to show deta dimensionil.

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