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star, 3D Peyote Star Beading Pattern FOUR COLORS with Basic Instructions Tutorial



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TUTORIAL FOUR COLORS 3D PEYOTE STAR+ Ba beadingsic Instructions "Little 3D Peyote Sta beadingr"This bea beadingding pa beadingttern provides a beading colour dia beadinggra beadingm a beadingnd word cha beadingrt to crea beadingte the Four Colors 3D Peyote Sta beadingr. This sta beadingr ha beadings 11 rows.Included a beadingre a beadinglso the\u00a beading0step by step instructions with clea beadingr 3D ima beadingges of how to crea beadingte a beading 3D Sta beadingr\u00a beading0in peyote: "Little 3D Peyote Sta beadingr"You will be a beadingble to insta beadingntly downloa beadingd the PDF file: 6 pa beadingges.It includes a beading list of needed ma beadingteria beadingls a beadingnd colour codes. The sta beadingr is bea beadingded with Miyuki Delica beading's. You ca beadingn a beadinglso use Toho Trea beadingsures (but don't mix them, a beadings there is a beading slight difference in size).The bea beadingds or finished product a beadingre not included, this is the digita beadingl pa beadingttern to ma beadingke your own 3D Peyote Sta beadingr.Level: intermedia beadingte+ (knowledge of peyote necessa beadingry)\u00a beading9 All rights a beadingre reserved by DiMa beadingrca beading Online. Plea beadingse do not copy the instructions, or use them for commercia beadingl purposes. Feel free to sell the finished product.

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