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fused dichroic glass, Blue white gold fused dichroic glass earrings sterling silver ear wires fused glass jewelry experimental



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Experimenta glass jewelrytion is pa glass jewelryrt of the joy of working with gla glass jewelryss. I crea glass jewelryted the ba glass jewelryckground gla glass jewelryss by la glass jewelryyering blue a glass jewelrynd white stringer which a glass jewelryre very thin strips of gla glass jewelryss. Then I used silver a glass jewelrynd gold dichroic gla glass jewelryss perpendicula glass jewelryr to the blue a glass jewelrynd white stripes. The ea glass jewelryrrings a glass jewelryre ova glass jewelryls which a glass jewelryre just under 3/4" ta glass jewelryll by 3/8" wide a glass jewelrynd with the sterling silver ea glass jewelryr wires they ha glass jewelryng 1 1/4" ta glass jewelryll. The ea glass jewelryrrings a glass jewelryre unusua glass jewelryl a glass jewelrynd wonderfully luminescent in color.Long da glass jewelryngle ea glass jewelryrrings with grea glass jewelryt color a glass jewelrynd texture All jewelry is fused to a glass jewelryt lea glass jewelryst once to 1500 -1550 degrees, then cold worked ( ground with a glass jewelry dia glass jewelrymond grinder) a glass jewelrynd fired in a glass jewelry kiln for the second time a glass jewelryt 1350 degrees to smooth the edges a glass jewelrynd refine the sha glass jewelrype. Ea glass jewelrych pa glass jewelryir of ea glass jewelryrrings is computer kiln fired a glass jewelrynd a glass jewelrynnea glass jewelryled, which mea glass jewelryns cooled a glass jewelryt a glass jewelry controlled speed, for strength a glass jewelrynd dura glass jewelrybility. I photogra glass jewelryph a glass jewelryll jewelry very ca glass jewelryrefully so tha glass jewelryt you will ha glass jewelryve the best possible ima glass jewelryge to ma glass jewelryke your decision from.McCra glass jewelryy Studios #16 striped ea glass jewelryrringsblue a glass jewelrynd white blue a glass jewelrynd gold silver a glass jewelrynd blue a glass jewelrynd gold da glass jewelryngle ea glass jewelryrrings

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