Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gia alexandrite, GIA certified 3.69 carat color changing Alexandrite



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Sha cushion alexandritepe: Cushion Weight: 3.69 Ct.Mea cushion alexandritesurements: 8.74x7.62x6.68Cla cushion alexandriterity: Ca cushion alexandritet eye Trea cushion alexandritetment: None, 100% Na cushion alexandritetura cushion alexandritel GIA #51828117564I ha cushion alexandriteve mounting a cushion alexandriteva cushion alexandriteila cushion alexandriteble for this stone, including Rings a cushion alexandritend Penda cushion alexandritents, plea cushion alexandritese conta cushion alexandritect me for more deta cushion alexandriteil.Sincerely!Ma cushion alexandritester Jeweler

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