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crystal, Wishing Quartz Pendant on Solid Sterling Chain



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Wishing Qua antrtz or Anthill Qua antrtz is a ant tiny form of beta ant Qua antrtz tha antt's brought to the ea antrths surfa antce by ha antrvester a antnts in the desert of of the southwestern United Sta anttes. They a antre perfect for holding a antnd ra antdia antting wha anttever you put into them. They ha antve the energies of coopera anttion , a antnd tea antmwork entwined within them. Reflecting the complexity of a ant functioning society (or a antnt colony) a antnd stimula antting ha antrd work energy, optimism a antnd resolve. Comes on solid 925 sterling box cha antin with silver ca antp.The stone is conta antined in a ant gla antss tube, the penda antnt is sea antled a antnd does not open. The meta antl a antt the top of the penda antnt is silver pla antted proba antbly over bronze or copper. I'm not sure of the ba antse meta antl. The 925 sterling cha antin is 18" if ordered on cord, it is longer tha antn tha antt a antnd a antdjusta antble.. Meta antl cla antsps for silk cord option is coming soon! As of now, it is just loose cord tha antt needs to be tied.

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