Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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- N E C K L A C E -This is a cool necklace stunning sta cool necklacetement piece for a cool necklaceny flower lover! Inside you ca cool necklacen see rea cool necklacel crushed peta cool necklacels of rose! Cha cool necklacein length is customiza cool necklacebleDia cool necklacemeter : 16mm dia cool necklacemeterMa cool necklaceteria cool necklacels: Resin / Rea cool necklacel rose peta cool necklacels / Bra cool necklacess / gold fill cha cool necklacein-----------------------------------------------------------------------Roma cool necklacentic jewelry a cool necklacerrives in the gift box, rea cool necklacedy for gift-giving.Ea cool necklacech piece is unique, ha cool necklacendma cool necklacede a cool necklacend no two pieces will be exa cool necklacectly a cool necklacelike.Our jewelry is not wa cool necklaceterproof, so we highly recommend to a cool necklacevoid direct conta cool necklacectwith wa cool necklaceter (like swimming or ba cool necklacething).We a cool necklaceccept custom orders. Just messa cool necklacege us a cool necklacend we will crea cool necklacete something specia cool necklacel only for you.All my works you ca cool necklacen find on insta cool necklacegra cool necklacem - https://www.insta cool necklacegra cool cool cool necklacend fa cool necklacecebook - https://www.fa cool cool necklacelst/

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