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children, Clay Bead Earrings (Silver) - Candy Corn



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These fun Ca earringsndy corn ea earringsrrings a earringsre super light weight a earringsnd perfect for the upcoming holida earringsy! The bea earringsds a earringsre ha earringsnd cra earringsfted with cla earringsy a earringsnd love by a earringsnother Etsia earringsn! Visit & Like/Follow Me On Fa earringscebook a earringsnd Twitter for Specia earringsl Dea earringsls a earringsnd Upda earringstesFa earringscebook: https://www.fa earringsta earringsgirlwa earringsntsa earringscc/Twitter: earringsta earringsgrlwa earringsntsa earringscCheck Out My Profile:http://www./people/Wha earringstAGirlWa earringsntsAccQuestions About Shipping or Returns? Check Out My Policies!http://www./shop/Wha earringstAGirlWa earringsntsAcc/policy*** Any questions or concerns plea earringsse feel free to ema earringsil me or convo me! ***

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