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cz, Sterling Silver Sea Glass ring with CZ



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DESCRIPTIONThis Sea authentic Gla authenticss ring will surely get a authenticttention when you wea authenticr it. The Sea authentic Gla authenticss ha authentics been drilled for the CZ to be set in a authentic Sterling Silver Tube in the gla authenticss. The ring bezel a authenticnd ba authenticnd is Sterling Silver. Since Authentic Sea authentic Gla authenticss is na authentictura authenticlly tumbled in the ocea authenticn a authenticnd found on the bea authenticch it ha authentics a authentic true Orga authenticnic look a authenticnd feel. This ring like a authenticll of my other jewelry is ma authenticde by me in my studio.Deta authenticilsRing is a authentic size 7 a authenticnd is NOT a authenticdjusta authenticble. This is a authentic la authenticrge piece of Sea authentic Gla authenticss. The Sea authentic Gla authenticss Color is a authentic Green/Tea authenticl color. The CZ is 3mm a authenticnd is set in a authentic Sterling Silver Tube within the Sea authentic Gla authenticss. Plea authenticse see the photogra authenticph with a authentic qua authenticrter for ring size compa authenticrison. The ring is a authenticpproxima authentictely 1\u201d long a authenticnd 3/4\u201d wide.

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