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copper, MTB Mountain Biker "Story" Ear Cuff



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In honor of the IMBA decla hand stampedring Ma hand stampedy 5, 2018 the 1st Interna hand stampedtiona hand stampedl Women's Mounta hand stampedin Biking Da hand stampedy, I crea hand stampedted more of these sweet little MTB story ea hand stampedr cuffs tha hand stampedt sta hand stampedrted out a hand stampeds a hand stamped custom request by one of my fa hand stampedve la hand stampeddy shedder customers!!** This item will ship for just $5 for USPS Priority Shipping ($7.20) **Not just for the la hand stampeddies...a hand stamped dude ca hand stampedn rock one, too!!#womensMTBda hand stampedy #moregirlsonbikes #growMTB #womenmtbEa hand stampedr cuffs a hand stampedre cool + edgy whether you ha hand stampedve none, one, or multiple ea hand stampedr piercings. These ~5mm wide cuffs a hand stampedre ha hand stampednd sa hand stampedwn from 16g Sterling silver sheet a hand stampednd freeha hand stampednd ha hand stampednd sta hand stampedmped to crea hand stampedte a hand stamped MTB "story" scene". Ea hand stampedch cuff is ma hand stampedde one a hand stampedt a hand stamped time a hand stampednd ha hand stampeds a hand stamped persona hand stampedlity of it's own.#2 Ea hand stampedr cuff ha hand stampeds a hand stamped MTB soa hand stampedring over sweet little kickers like your fa hand stampedvorite DH tra hand stampedck or tra hand stampedil :-)Everyone's ea hand stampedrs a hand stampedre different sha hand stampedpe a hand stampednd thickness, so where the cuff sits on one's ea hand stampedr ma hand stampedy va hand stampedry. I try on ea hand stampedch cuff I ma hand stampedke a hand stampednd jump a hand stampedround (no joke) to ma hand stampedke sure they sta hand stampedy on. I a hand stampedlso wea hand stampedr one to ride a hand stampednd ha hand stampedve been thrown from my bike a hand stampednd ha hand stampedd it sta hand stampedy on!!** FREE FIRST CLASS SHIPPING INCLUDED **(Domestic Orders Only)

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